Display for Pibow Coupé 4


I have a Pi4 and Pibow Coupe 4 Ninja on the way and I was wondering if there are any displays that I could attach to my Pi4 in this case?

I understand you can mount the Pibow to the official 7 inch case but I was looking for a smaller screen just to send some status updates too and was looking for options ( if any ).

Many thanks.

I like the coupe cases, nice an open for cooling. My Pi 4B is in a black one. My 3A+'s are all in coupe cases too. The Pi 4 runs hot, I have a fan shim on mine.
There are lots of PiTFT displays out there that plug into and use the GPIO to drive them. If you go that route I would use a booster header to raise it up to let air in under it to cool the Pi 4.
The Hyperpixel display works via the GPIO and has a nice resolution, it will interfere with the fan shim though as it uses pretty well every GPIO pin and refunctions most of them for special use. You could go with a heatsink instead of the Fan Shim. The Pi 4 will never overheat, but it will down clock the CPU to reduce heat if it starts to get hot. That will impact performance.

I guess it comes down to, how big or small do want to go?
And if you want to use HDMI or SPI / GPIO?
Pimoroni have a bunch of small OLED screens, and the Inky range of products.
I have my eye on this one.

Thank you very much all. I was planning on using the GPIO. From what I’m hearing I probably want to have the screen raised a little anyway for cooling purposes.

Because I haven’t received my Pi4 and case yet I don’t sure if there are screens that fit nicely in the area up until where the USB ports start. From pictures it looks like the USB ports sit higher then the case so I was wondering if anything sits kind of flush with those ports

The top layer of the case is flush with the DSI and CSI connectors. The USB power and HDMI jacks are covered but the tops of the Ethernet and USB ports are exposed.
If you poke around the Adafruit site and look at thier PiTFT displays there should be some pictures showing how they fit size wise. Even if they are plugged into a Pi 3B it will be a good indicator. The Ethernet and USB ports are reversed on a Pi 4 versus a Pi 3 but still in the same location.

I saw this on twitter the other day.

It might be just what your looking for. Unfortunately I have no idea if or when it might actually see production. If it does I will be buying one for sure.

That does look nice! It’s a pity we can’t buy it yet :(

I check their Twitter feed every now and then, sometimes you’ll see sneak peaks of future products. Sometimes its on purpose some times by accident. The link is at the top of the page.

Do you guys think the Adafruit mini Pi TFT’s would fit with the case?


It looks like it might fit

At first glace they should work. It all depends on what is on the back side and if its going to touch the top layer of the case. Or the heatsink on the Pi 4 if you go that route.

Thanks again, could I use a stacking header if needed to get some extra height?

The other thing sim trying to understand is there a way to either have this screen work whilst outpouring via HDMI or have it auto switch?

A booster header may help.

I use them with the Pan Tilt hat on my Pi 3A Motion Eye setups. Pibow Coupe cases and tall heatsinks so I need the extra space for the heatsinks. The tricky part is getting the tall standoffs, I bought these from Adafruit.

The Pi 4 has dual monitor support, I’m not sure how that works if one of them is SPI though? And I haven’t tried to run duals yet. It’s on my list of things to try, just can’t find my round 2it.;)