Pi 4, Fan Shim and HyperPixel Questions

After convincing myself that I don’t need another Raspberry Pi (Pi 4), I only managed to win a £50 gift card in the 7th Birthday prizes being offered on Twitter.

Many thanks and happy birthday Pimoroni!

So I am thinking of using the gift card towards a new Pi 4, but possibly with a HyperPixel 4 display (another step up from my Unicorn and UnicornHD HATs).
Does anyone else have this combination?
I understand ideally I need cooling for the Pi 4, the fan shim was recommended but does anyone have any experience or photos of how it all (Pi 4, Fan Shim, HyperPixel) fits together? Anyone have a case on it too?

With the HyperPixel, can I run a second screen (HDMI) as well? Do they work independently (like Windows’ “Extend desktop”) or do they only work as a duplicate (“Clone desktop”) of the first screen?

Thanks in advance.


The Hyperpixel uses all of the Pi’s GPIO pins and repurposes almost all of them to alternate functions.

The fan shim uses the following pins

It “may” still somewhat work but just be on all the time with no control over on off. The LED and Button likely won’t work with the Hyperpixel installed.

You may also have clearance issues with the fan shim being blocked by the hyperpixel. You’d need a booster header and tall standoffs to raise the hyperpixel.

I don’t think there is a dedicated case for the Pi “and” hyperpixel. The Pibow Coupe case is designed for the fan shim though and the Hyperpixel should be mountable on top of it on standoffs.

Thanks. I have also seen some mention of the HyperPixel being pink-ish with the Fan Shim.

It doesn’t seem like the HyperPixel 4 is suited to the Pi 4. As ideally, the Pi 4 works best with the active cooling of the Fan Shim but that doesn’t play well with the HyperPixel.

Hmm. What to do?


It “may” still be doable, if you “don’t” install the fan shim software. Its likely what’s messing with the hyperpixel. Only way to find out is to ask somebody with the pink screen to only install the hyperpixel software and a see what happens. Or roll the dice your self and buy both.