Thermal Control Options w/ Hyperpixel Hat

Hey guys,

Rather new to Pi. I have a pi4 with a rectangular hyperpixel hat. I was wondering if there were any heatsinks or other thermal solutions that you all have found that work with/ fit under the hyperpixel HAT.

Thanks for your feedback!

For me the Pimoroni Fanshim works perfect.

@placebo83 Are you using one with a Hyperpixel?
I ask because the Hyperpixel uses all of the GPIO pins and repurposes them. I wouldn’t think the Fanshim software would work. The fan will still run with no software installed but if the fan control pin is pulled low it will shut off. Might also get some weirdness with the fanshim LED.

@koala this heatsink may fit and not short out anything.
Raspberry Pi 4 Heatsink – Pimoroni
Another option is to use a booster header and tall stand offs.
Booster Header – Pimoroni
Extended Pi Standoffs – Pimoroni
You may need them anyway if you do try a fan shim or want to go with a bigger heatsink.

The Pi 4 will not overheat, just so you know. If the temps get close to 80c it will throttle (lower) the CPU speed to keep them in check. This will hurt performance but won’t physically hurt the Pi 4.

Yes I use it with a hyperpixel, but no fanshim software running, it just runs all the time which is no problem for me.

Ok that’s good to hear that it works with Hyperpixel.