Raspberry Pi 4 heating and cooling

Hi Folks! For those of you that received your Raspberry Pi 4’s already, how is the heat distribution and what are you using to correct it? Is a fan preferred, or a heat sink? Both, maybe? I just placed an order for mine, and am now second-guessing myself, thinking that I should have added a fan or heat sink.

My aim is to set up a light, distraction-free coding/learning environment (mostly HTML, CSS and JS and whatever else I want to try), so I do not anticipate any super-heavy compiling, but you never know. The Pi4 will be mounted to the back of my monitor with plenty of room to breath, but I’m still worried about thermal throttling.

There is some relevant info about 18 minutes into this video.
I ordered one of those big black heatsinks with mine. Thinking of getting a fan shim too at some point.

I went with a Pibow Coupe case as its nice an open on top for good cooling.

The fan thingy was sold out so I got the heatsink. Its running at around 65C for me.
I think I might have a 30mm fan going spare so will see if I can add that also.
Otherwise the Pimoroni fan shim will probably solve your problem.

I literally melted a NanoPi 2 years ago so expected this would be hot.


In the weekend, ambient temp 30C, CPU temp 70C, on a Pi 4 2GB with Pimoroni Pi 4 heatsink and Pibow case, with TV hat running Libreelec 9.2 beta watching Freeview HD and recording to attached USB hard drive.

Question is how do we get good cooling with Hats attached?


You may have to add a tall stacking or booster header to the Hat to raise it up.

Use the 11 mm header and you may be able to put a fan shim on it between the Pi and the hat.