Cooling with Picade HAT


Playing some games today and with no overclock my raspberry pi is overheating after about 15 mins of use. I notice the picade HAT covers all of the chips so cooling with a fan looks almost impossible? How should I go about cooling with this? If I do use a fan should I connect to PWR 5v and GND on the HAT?


You could blow in air from the side, just direct it so it goes between the Pi and the hat. As long as it goes over the heatsink it will provide cooling. A heat sink, even a low profile one will help with this type of setup. As long as it doesn’t touch the under side of the Hat its OK.


Thanks. Tried that tonight and while better, it still overheated. I have heatsinks on the 3 chips and a small fan. I bought a 40 pin socket and pin ribbon cable which I thought would be perfect but get low power warnings when running that!? Is that just because the hat is not directly plugged into the gpio? My next attempt will be a right angle 40 pin socket, and/or a bigger fan. Any other ideas?


Where is the hot air going? Can it exit the case and escape outside? If not heat will still build up in the enclosure.