Hyperpixel4 and fanshim

Just wondering if I install a hyperpixel4 on a raspberry pi 4 and also have a fan shim installed if they will cooperate with each other.

Obviously I know I’ll require a gpio extender and also longer standoffs so the don’t physically interfere and the fan has some space to get the air moving.

There will be a GPIO PIN conflict. The Hyperpixel pretty well uses every GPIO PIN and repurposes almost all of them to alternate functions.

You might get away with not installing the Fan Shim software and just letting it run when ever the Pi is powered up. No auto control. The Button and LED won’t be usable either.


I clear missed the hyperpixel on the pinout.xyz site when I looked for it.

Might have to give it a go. Not that fussed about the fanshim software.

I have a fan shim on the way. It only just shipped this morning so it will be about a week before I get my hands on it.
If you plug the fan shim in first, then put a booster header on the GPIO, that may give you enough space to plug the Hyperpixel into the booster header and have enough air flow for the fan to work.
You’ll need some extra stand offs, maybe even some tall ones.