Can I use a Mote PHAT with a Fan Shim?

I already have a Fan Shim and fancied adding a Mote Phat to my Pi 4 - is that possible somehow?



The Mote pHat pinout is here,
Mote pHAT at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout
and the Fan Shim Pinout here,
Fan SHIM at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

I don’t see any conflicts, should be fine as long as you don’t block the fan too much.
A booster header may help you get some space between the two.
Booster Header – Pimoroni

What a fantastic response, much obliged to you. I’ll go with the Booster just to be safe.

Many thanks!\

Glad I could help. That Pinout site comes in very handy. The booster header will also hold the fan shim firmly in place.