Fan SHIM isn't making good contact with GPIO pins

As the title says, I am not getting verry good contact on the fan shim PCB against the GPIO pins. The fan itself works but because the contact isn’t good enough, the LED on the shim PCB cant be controlled. I have the Raspberry Pi 4 sitting in the pibow case. Does anyone have any tips on how to ensure that there is sufficient contact between to two components?

Its not ideal but you could try plugging a female header in on top of the fan shim.
Or solder the fan shim to a female header. It will raise it up a bit though’

Take a good look at the male pins on your Pi’s GPIO header. Look down the length for any pins the fan shim uses that are bent. even very slightly. Then carefully straighten them if they are bent

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I’ve got the same issue and tried two difference fan shim’s now.

I even tried placing a Blinkt! on top of it. Which didn’t help.

I think I’ll have to get soldering iron out.

The thing that did help for me, was using the mounting hole on the Pi and the fan shim and installing just a plastic nut and bolt, which forces it to be at an angle, which once you tighten it correctly worked perfectly. Just looks a little odd. Also obstructes the gpio pins somewhat.

I plan on getting a fan shim at some point. My plan is to solder it to a female header that I will then plug into the Pi’s GPIO. The Pi 4 I plan on using this on already has the heatsink attached. I’m hoping by mounting the fan under its holder instead of on top, I will get the spacing I want from the heatsink. Thats the plan anyway, I’ll test fit it all before soldering anything.

Sounds similar to the led-shim problem, LED Shim Remote I/O error

Well of my 3 fan shim’s none of them work without ‘wiggling them around and wedging them somehow in place’ on my pi4 4gb. However, I just got the a 2gb and that one works perfectly.

So, its my Pi, not the shim. Somewhat annoying, but I can live with that for now.