Fan Shim soldering

Hi! I need absolutely some advice about fan shim’s pins soldering.
I’ve started to have some problems with the fan some months ago. It seems that the contact between the holes and the pins are loose. So I’ve tried several times to adjust fan shim’s position without durable success. So, I’ve tried to solve the problem by slightly bending the raspberry’s pins, but probably I shouldn’t have done it. Now I have straighten up back the pins but I need to solder them to fan shim because you can imagine, the contacts by pressure are “compromised”. Especially, which one of the two 5v pins should I solder? The first or the second?
Thank you!

Also it happens that the fan rotates sometimes at very high speed with a lot of noise, I suppose because it receives too much current, isn’t?

it seems to be related to the contact with pin 1 (3v), I am pretty sure that the fan is in some way overloaded with current

Hey, you can see what pins are connected here: Fan SHIM at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout … though it doesn’t seem to show which power pin.

zooming into the traces from the product page, it looks like it’s the first one, but you could solder both if you want to be safe

Thanks! At the end I have soldered all the pins. The contact issue is solved, the high noise is due to the fan, probably during all that tweak with the board I could have pushed too much the fan that doesn’t work more properly and needs to be replaced with a new one.

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