Will Raspberry Pi 4 with heatsink fry my Hyperpixel display?

I’ve been using a heatsink case for my other Pi 4’s, which give really good passive cooling. But, it’s impossible to put a HAT on top without using spacers to stabilise the HAT.

I’ve just got another Pi 4, using the Coupe case and heatsink. I plan on putting my Hyperpixel on top, with the provided spacers. Is this is a good idea?

How much heat can the Hyperixel take before being damaged?

edit: I can’t use the fan shim, as the Hyperpixel uses all GPIO pins.

Think I’ve partly answered my own question, assuming this is the data sheet for the Hyperpixel touch (part number taken from the ribbon connector):

Max operating temperature = 70deg C

So, I would need to watch for high temperatures, and perhaps get higher spacers to improve airflow if I get issues…

A Booster header will add some extra space between the Pi and Hyperpixel.

You’ll also need some longer standoffs.

Just to say that I’m not having any heat issues with the Hyperpixel display on top of the Coupe case + heatsink, at least with my use case. There’s plenty of space around the sides for airflow.