Pibow Coupé + DOT3K Size


I am currently drawing up plans for a laser-cut layered case for my RPi-Laptop. I am planning on using a Pi B, which I will keep in the Pibow Coupé case for the time being anyway. I can get the base layer of the B+ Pibow off Thingiverse, so I can cut the holes out to attatch it with super-accurately. What I really need, is the height of the Pi B+, In the Pibow Coupé, with a Display-O-Tron 3000 attached. Then I could work out how many layers of acrylic I need.

The actual display unit will stick through the acrylic, so it lies flat and doesn’t stick out. Do you also know the dimensions of just the LCD?

Thanks, and have a nice Christmas :)


Oh. The files on Thingiverse don’t seem to be for the latest Pibow. Do you have the file for just the bottom layer available, or some detail on the positioning of the holes?

That way I could even replace the bottom layer with a bit of the case. We’ll see.

Thanks, Archie.

The latest Pibow designs haven’t been released yet! But you can go a long way with some calipers, a pen and paper, and some patience :-)

Had to wait until I got into the office to measure a Dot3k ( could probably have looked at the eagle files in retrospect! )

It’s 56mm sqaure, the angled top edge is 33mm and the whole thing is about 77mm deep.

The display itself is 55mm x 30mm.

Alright. I’ll probably scan it in when I get it.

Thanks - that’s really helpful!