PiBow Zero W + Blinkt: a good fit?

I’ve got the Blinkt, I’ve got the Zero W, I’ve even written code to blink the Blinkt. Now I want to put it in nifty case to light up the living room when my server completes a task. It’s probably a no brainer, but I wanted to double check: will the Blinkt fit, with the Pi Zero W, in the PiBow Zero W case?

A follow up: I’m in the former colonies, a little westward of your native shores (if you sail that way). Shipping from Adafruit is more expensive than the case itself. Any other resellers in my neck of the woods that might send it cheaper? I couldn’t find it on Amazon, where I could use Prime shipping.

Until we meet again on the High Seas (Matey!)

Ahoy! Yep, a Blinkt! should work fine with a Pibow Zero case :)

There’s a list of resellers here if you want to shop around for shipping: Worldwide Distributors - Pimoroni

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I solved my postage problem by ordering 2 PiBow Zero Ws and an incidental or two; I picked up a couple of RPi Zero W’s when they were cheap and plentiful, so I’m sure I can use up a second piBow.

Thanks again!

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Here it is! Happy as a clam!

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