Pibow Zero Stock


As I am anxious to get a Pi Zero I am visiting your site (yes, I also let my email for notifications) like thousands times a day and I can see the Pibow zero stock going down fastly. Are you prepared for the demand on Pibows once the Pi Zero is back or probably you’ll run out of them?

Thank you!

We’re making them as fast as we can - should have good stock for when Zero returns!

Exhuming an old topic- but will there ever be more v1.2 cases sold? Or if not- can I have one pretty please?

I’ll check next week if there’s any leftover, but I suspect there aren’t any plans to sell both versions in the shop, to avoid people buying the wrong one for their Pi.

… if all fails, ping me end of next week, I’ve got one of my desk that I have no plan to use and would be happy to part with.

That would be very kind! :D