When's the Pi Zero 2 W coming back?

Bah, I was toying with getting a Zero 2 for a few days, and today I’d planned to get one with some other bits and pieces. It went out of stock just in the last day or two! I should have known - for whatever reason I thought the Zero wasn’t experiencing the same supply-chain issues that the full-size Pis have been going through.

Anyone heard any goss as to when the Zero 2 is coming back? I know I can keep an eye on rpilocator…

Locator really is your best bet. AFAIK even the distributors don’t have a solid idea when they’ll get stock.

I’m loathe to suggest the competition but adafruit and pi hut do tend to get shipments with a bit more frequency than many others thanks to their bigger order sizes. with adafruit beware that they tend to limit purchases to account holders for limited stock rpi stuff so set one up in advance if you plan to order from them.

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Fair enough, thanks Nox. I think I am just impatient to start a project!

I can see some PZ2 kits in Spain, so maybe I will order one of those (I am not generally keen on international shipment). Or I might make do with my old RP3 and pounce on a UK PZ2 when they next refresh stock…

Based on this chart, Pimoroni got 8 restocks for the PZ2 in the last 60 days. So that means an average wait of a week before the next one 🎉

That looks like grouping all the Pi Zero, not just the Zero 2, or am I missing something?

The site https://rpilocator.com/ when searching for “zero 2” (with the quotation marks), seems to suggest that the last UK stock for the Zero 2 was last December (Pi Hut), and others only in May 2022. However, there does seem to be stock avaialble outside the UK; e.g., there was stock in Belgium earlier this month.

The Zero (not 2) has much better availability.

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Ah yes, you are quite right 👍

Ooh, I am not paying enough attention - there was some UK availability for the Zero 2 in June and July. I wonder if I need to be checking RPi Locator every day 🙃