Are there any plans to allow ordering more than one Pi Zero at a time?

Now that supply of the Raspberry Pi Zero is improving (and/or demand has dropped off) are there any plans to allow more than 1 Raspberry Pi Zero per order in the near future?

I’ve been watching for a while now and it appears that for the last few weeks or so, all 4 retailers have been able to keep the Pi Zero in stock continuously which is great to see. The problem is that for those of us living in other countries, postage costs more than a Pi Zero, so it really would be nice to be able to order more than one at a time!

Obviously, just because all 4 retailers are able to stay stocked doesn’t mean that they’ve got thousands of them just lying around now, so it would only make sense to slowly ramp up the number that can be ordered at a time - e.g. move to a max of 2 per order and if stock levels remain high enough so that they don’t sell out, then look at moving to 3 per order and so on. I can just imagine that if the limit was suddenly removed altogether, someone would be sure enough to come along and try to order hundreds in one go!

I would tend to agree.

The other argument for MOAR ZEROOOOOS is the Cluster Hat- slots for 4 zeros, yet one per order

Good question, but isn’t this more a question for the RPi foundation?

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