PiBow B+ Extension layer


How can I get more extension layers? I have an tall Pi configuration.and need more than the one I got with my case. I have access to a laser cutter so if I could get a .SVG file I could cut my own.


Which version is it for?

The original PiBow is available on Thingiverse - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:33443


As the title said Pibox B+


Ahh my bad, I missed that sorry. You’ll need the actual Pimoroni crew for this one - @jon @gadgetoid ?



If you get in touch with support we’re able to sell you extra layers.
£2 for a bottom or top layer
£1 for middle layers




Do you happen to have a layer that is like the last one before the top (I think it’s #8) but without the notches for the USB ports?



Unfortunately not! The “extension” layer is layer 8 which as you pointed out has the notches in one side for the ports.