Dashboard Project (pi zero w) [in progress]

the physical aspect of my project is nearly done and I just have the software side to go.

assembled mostly from bits from pimoroni (except the frame, perspex, vinyl and lcd screen)

intention is for it to be a gift for a friend to track his marathon plan and display his daily workout along with stuff like the weather and some other bits and pieces.

pi boots into midori kiosk mode directly (after showing a custom splash screen) and loads an externally hosted url which I am building now so after it is given I can continue to tweak what is displayed and the load on the pi is minimal.

used a couple of different sized black hat hack3r bare pcb’s to make soldering it all together and assembling/disassembling easier. with headers on the screen and pi I can remove the middle junk and re-use the parts if he ever gets tired of it and gives it back.

construction parts:
frame is an ikea ribba 23x23cm (£4),
screen is a makibes 5" rpi display from amazon (~£27),
translucent black perspex was an a3 sheet from amazon (£6),
the two black mini logos are on a clear printed sticker (£15) (intended to have the yellow shape as well but was too transparent when applied so had to use vinyl, failed experiment but the circles and the black look ok so it’s stayed on),
the handcut vinyl shapes are temporary until i can get access to a plotter to cut my svg properly, but it’s cheap adhesive vinyl from amazon (£10 for long roll)
screen is held in place by some cheap black foamboard from amazon (£10 for giant pack)

in total with the pi components it’s not the cheapest of builds but it’s my first project with an rPi and as it’s a gift i don’t mind buying the right parts to make sure it works and looks great.