Black hat Hack3r build question

I would like to build a digital camera and would like to use the enviro pHAT, the Black Hat Hack3r and the 2.4 inch tft touch screen together with a RPi Zero.

I’ve never really done much hacking of the devices but is it possible to solder the Black hat together so that it connects to the PI zero instead of having to use a breakout cable or will doing so cause issues I am not anticipating?

Yup, just grab one of of these and solder it in place of the set of pins that would attach to the ribbon cable.

I believe @RogueM has done this?

Yes, that’s right, although I tend to use a standard female header for the middle connector (on the underside obviously). This gives me a 2 seater that overhangs the Pi roughly equally on both sides.

… I might have a pic, otherwise I’ll take one later and post here.

Here goes:

and example pHAT+HAT

… you could swap the female header for a stacking version, but you wouldn’t get much benefit if what you wanted to do was to double seat add-ons like the above.

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Thanks a lot for the picture example. This is perhaps nicer than what I was originally thinking! :D

With the size the Zero and the length of the black hat do you think it would be worth it to get a mini and desolder/modify that board instead to provide an overall smaller form factor?

Nevermind I just realized there is one that is sold unassembled.

Well, it’s definitely possible to use the mini-hacker and configure it in a similar manner…however you will barely save 1cm, and more importantly you will no longer have mounting points to support the HAT.

That said, I haven’t check what HAT you were planning to use, but for me the second point above would be quite a big deal for a (semi) permanent setup, particularly a touch screen.

@RogueM Thanks for the opinion on the two. I think I will definitely go with the standard sized one.

What is your opinions on the touch screens? Capacitive touch seems like the best option but the small 2.4 versions that will be mountable is resistive. How big of a deal will that make if I plan on using the touch screen as my primary input while out and about?

Could I use a standoff to hold up the touch screen in this case?

I haven’t really used any touch screen HATs myself, so I can’t comment from a first hand perspective.

… I assume you’re considering this one?

If so, yes, standoffs are the way to go… the full-size hacker comes with a pair that should be just the right height for it, in theory.

That was the resistive option yes because it would fit the board properly. For the capacitive option I was thinking of this one.

Its not really going to be your standard picam, I am going to do 2 pi zeros, One with a Scroll pHAT and the screen, One with the Adafruit Ultimate GPS HAT and Enviro pHAT.

Both are going to have the USB Hub that has the ethernet adapter connected via a crossover cable.

Each is going to have a camera either ir or noir style and the enviro pHAT is going to register the light levels to decide which Zero should take the picture.

That other one has only one usable support for the back, but there’s no reason you couldn’t stick something suitable to the black hacker to support the other side, if that was your preferred choice.

@RogueM Yeah that was what I was thinking, Putting the standoff on the black hacker to give the support. What standoffs would be appropriate for this?

Actually with what I’ve discussed what standoffs in general would you suggest? This is going to be my first pi project so I’m sort of clueless.

As I said, I believe the ones supplies will be adequate.

The trouble is that the left hand side falls just where the display connector happens to be, so you’d want to glue something in a different place for additional support.

Or not, perhaps, just support on one-side is enough, depends on how sensitive the screen is and how ‘tactile’ you like your interaction to be i.e how hard you see yourself pressing against the display.

Ah this is where I really wish I had or knew someone with a 3d printer that could print a modified standoff or holder.

and to clarify, this is what I’m referring to:

If you use the mounting hole on the hacker, maybe by chopping the hook of the standoff on one-side, you’d be pressing against the connector, possibly damaging it in the long run.

Ah yes looking at the back I was afraid of this as well. By the 3-D printer comment I meant a stand off that would avoid pressing on this area.

So via this detail you suggest the smaller one that you originally linked in order to avoid issues?

Yes, that one has mounting holes on both sides that will match the hacker ones.

Or you could use several layers of flat o-rings plumbing seals to make a riser for the other one… I have been doing just fine without a 3-d printer (though I certainly wouldn’t mind having one) ;-)

@RogueM Thanks a lot for the advice. Very much appreciated. :D

Note also that, depending on what you want to build, you could also hide the Enviro pHAT beneath the screen and use a mini-hacker.