Hack3r or pHAT Stack as a bonnet?

Does any one know if the Mini Black HAT Hack3r or the pHAT Stack can be assembled as a bonnet? Instead of a long GPIO cable.

Of course it will need a proper support to with some brass standoffs and a female header.

Yes, if you use the right header its doable. You just put a female on the bottom of one row instead of a male on top. Assuming you want to plug it into the Pi like a hat. The other way to do it is to put a female header on the bottom of the Pi Zero and plug it in like it was a pHat. I did it here. I used a 90 degree male on the black hat board because I wanted my Pi facing forward not up.

Another option is to use a stacking header to go Pi > mini black hat > hat or phat. Something like this.
That’s a proto hat between my Pi and sense hat.

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As stated above, use a female header underneath the pHAT stack or mini hack3r.

Cool thanks!!

I will get one and try. Probably flipping it I can use going in the other direction instead of a classic hat layout. The coupe case looks to cool to be hidden by a hat :)