Cut a pHat Stack

Ahoy !

I’m thinking of getting a pHat Stack for a project
It’s not certain yet, but I might only end up using 3 of the 5 spots available on the Stack for my hats and I want to final thing to be as compact as possible
I know it sounds barbaric, but do you think it possible to cut the pHat Stack to reduce its size, or does its internal wiring makes this impossible
I assume if the pHat Stack just wires the multiple GPIO headers together it should be fine (?) but being sure would prevent me from potentially wasting money on it

Side question : is putting the Pi (zero) directly on the back of the Stack on the top GPIO header (the one you connect to ribbon cable in the image on the shop) not recommended for any reason ? again, aiming for something compact


You can do it any way you want as long as Pin 1 lines up with Pin 1 etc. The Pi can be underneath. For the most options I’d by the unassembled, do it yourself version. It’s what I did with my Mini Black Hat Hack3r board. Which is a shorter smaller version of the pHat Stick.

Cutting it, I don’t know? I would say its doable depending on how you cut it. I wouldn’t use a hack saw. A dremel with a thin cutting wheel would be the way I’d go. Then lightly file the edge with a very fine file so no tracks are shorted together. No guaranties though. I’d cut it first, then measure for shorts with an ohm meter before I solder the Pi or any pHats to it.