Stack-able pHAT's - Automation and Inky

I want to use a ZeroW with the Automation pHAT.
But I would also like a display so I was wondering if I could stack the Inky pHAT.
Would this work? Thanks in advance

They should work together- see:


However the relay on Automation pHAT might make it tricky to stack them. An extended header might clear it, but I don’t have one handy to check.

Is this one more instance where the one of your Black Hat Hacker boards would be a perfect fit?
Rather than stacking the two boards they’d be next to each other at the same level.
Especially as you have confirmed there appears to be no pin function conflict here.

That’s great!
Does the mini black hat hack3r actually accept two pHAT’s then?

Just noticed on the forum that the Inky pHAT is “out of stock” because there’s a still to be resolved issue with them.

Mechanically and electrically yes, the mini hacker is two pHats tall and if you get the bare board and put a socket underneath it at the top (instead of a header for a ribbon cable) and two headers topside you can put two pHats or a pHat and a Hat (which can overhang) then plug the whole thing into a 40-pin Pi.

Only thing I can’t say is if the pHat EPROMS will work ok in parallel but the other GPIO pins, if there’s no conflict between the Hats/pHats, should work together.

For bigger Hats the original big black hat hacker would do the same job and again you can get a bare board and put whatever male/female sockets you want without using the ribbon cable.