Automation Phat - Zero W connections

Which connections need to be made to use the relay only?
Is it just 3V (zerow W Pin 17), Ground (Zero W Pin 20), and ?

Do I need to use the SPI MISO and MOSI to do this?

I have an envirophat already connected and none of these boards are stacked so I am trying to figure out if I have any clashes and what pins I need to connect.

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Pinouts can be found here,
This will tell you if you have conflicts, You can use that tool even if you don’t have the phat stack.

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Wow, the conflict link is cool! Thanks!
OK, so the Enviro Phat and the Automation Phat share zerow pins 3 and 5.
Should I daisy chain them or can I Y split them?

3 and 5 are i2c, that can be shared as long as there is no address conflict.
The enviro uses 0x49, 0x29, 0x1d and 0x77, and the automation 0x48, so no conflict. Those pins would have been Red on the Phat Stack Configurator if there was an address conflict.
The black hat mini, is one way to mount the two to one Pi. Or the phat Stack. With the pHat stack, if you use a female header, pointing down the same as on a phat, on your PI zero. You can plug your zero in just like it was a pHat, and not have to use a ribbon cable. You can do the same thing with the mini black hat hacker board, you’ll run out of space though trying to plug two pHats and the Pi in.

another way to do it is to solder a stacking header to one of the pHats. The 11 mm one here,
Female on the bottom male pins on top. Then plug one pHat on top of the other. Similar to what did here
It’s a Pi A+ with a proto hat and then a sense hat. Pi Zero pHat pHat will work too. I did the same thing with a Pi Zero, Proto Zero and pHat beat. I just don’t have a good picture of it.