Stacking pHATS and Hats


I recently obtained a mini black hat stacker so that I could use a few hats/phats together. I did not like the idea of using the ribbon cable to connect the pi to the hats, it’s a bit bulky. so I got another zero and put a female header underneath. It now fits nicely on the stacker, currently with a Unicorn phat and a blinkt. I am thinking of getting a pHAT stack so that I can add my touch phat and maybe some others.


Nice, this will tell you if you have any conflicts, between the pHats and Hats you want to attach.


This afternoon I ordered a pHat stack and a scroll pHatHD. Looking forward to hooking it all up.


I have the original and mini, no pHat Stack yet. It’s on my shopping list for my next purchase though.


Think maybe move the blinkt up one and fit a four letter phat in there.
Looking to make a memory game in the style of SIMON, with this setup.


Awesome, and no conflicts, it doesn’t get much better than that. =)