How do I use 2 phats at once?

in the information pages regarding the scroll phat
the following is said:

Goes together great with Enviro pHAT for graphing sensor values,

how do I connect both the envirophat and the scrollphat to the rasberry pi at the same time?
as I have been unable to get an example of this


You use a mini black hat hacker

thank you for clearing that up!

Or you use 11mm headers on the Enviro pHAT, which allow you to stack another pHAT on top of it. BTW, I would love to see a hammer header version of these to allow stacking without the need to solder.


Another option is to use a stacking header Use that with the enviro pHat, instead of the one that comes with it, and you can stack your scroll pHat on top of the enviro pHat. Pimoroni may have the same thing, I couldn’t find it with a quick search though. I’m pretty sure I bought a similar version here in the past.

Found it, 11mm one shown here,
and just noticed larsjuhljensen beat me too it. I only just got up and haven’t finished my first cup of Java. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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Want to use inkpath stacked with explorer hat.

Only input 2 is concerned to conflict busy inkpath.

Have you possibilité to send me Explorer hat board PCB to find wire input 2 to cut the copper betwen 74LV125 and connector pi .



Had find the right wire between 74LS125 and connector, cut with attention the wire, and all two phat work perfectly.
I can display values acquired by analog input.

Thanks to all of you.