Mini Black Hat Hack3r assembly instructions with Sense Hat?

HI all! Not sure if this is being posted in the correct location, but I am new to the Hack3r and need some help assembling. If someone has soldering instructions, and how to use it with a sense hat, I will SUPER appreciate our support! I don’t want to ruin it on the first try!

Thanks in advance!

It’s fairly straight-forward. Do the headers one at a time, solder one joint first, then make sure to warm it up and position the header properly, then do the opposite joint at the far end of the header and finally the rest.

Headers should have the long ends pointing upwards on the text/artwork side of the board and the short ends dropped through the holes- just like on the Pi Zero.

This (albeit with the older full-sized BHH) shows how the ribbon cable and HAT should be installed:

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I’m not sure I understand your question in relation to the sense HAT specifically… the Black HAT Hacker duplicates the full set of 2x20 pins, so it will work with the sense HAT, as much as with anything else.

That said, the Sense HAT does use its on-board EEPROM to auto-configure some kernel level drivers, so technically you shouldn’t be connecting any other HAT alongside it. Then again, there is no physical space to sit two HATs on the hacker, and any pHAT (as in pimoroni pHAT at least) will play nice with the sense HAT, with a few caveats.

… so I guess, to be able to answer your question in the most useful manner I would need to know what you are planning to do with it and the Sense HAT, so I can possibly flag some potential issues ahead of time.

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Thanks for the reply. I am using the sense hat on a raspberry pi to track weather data. My internal data is running hot since I currently have the sense hat on top of the pi.

Thanks! The description you made, as well as the photo are very useful. This is my first attempt with a Pi, sense hat, and Hack3r, so I really don’t want to screw it up. :)

if you want the sense HAT away from the Pi, the mini black hacker will do the trick no problem.

… you can actually pick up a pre-soldered option. I would say for a couple of extra quids it’s well worth it, 120 points is quite a few and it’s not the most exciting soldering job in the world.