Looking for project ideas to use 8" screen and RPI2


Hi all, after upgrading my pre-2018 Picade to a 10" screen, I’d like to use the old 8" screen in a project somehow. I also have an unused RPI2 that will power the project. I have a 3D printer that can do 300x300x400 so can print enclosures, brackets etc.

So hit me up with you cool project ideas (link to guides would also be greatly appreciated!). I’m ok to buy extra hardware if required.

Thanks in advance for any help :-)


Most of my Pi projects run headless, lol.
I do have a breadboarding setup I used my Pi Foundation touch screen on. Its portable enough to take from room to room or out on my deck in the summer to tinker with.


Mini media centre with an inbuilt display?
Coffee table arcade machine?
Miniature magic mirror?

…if I can think of any more I’ll come back.


just a box suggestion mostly,cigar-box pitop. https://hackaday.com/2017/03/21/cigar-box-opens-to-raspberry-pi-laptop/