Need input on my spare 8 Inch Picade screen


Hello all. When I bought my Picade I bought the entire kit with the 8 inch screen and bought and 12 inch screen for it. I have had the 8 inch sitting in a box and I want to do something with it. I was thinking Pimoroni would have come out with the mini Picade that I saw on the Bilge Tank 043 - 50 (?!) ways to Blinkt! your Raspi.

Smaller Picade

Well since they have not come out with this I need to do something with the 8 inch screen. This is what I have below.

I came across a little Nintendo Switch Arcade stand that is made out of wood and was thinking I could add the 8 inch screen into it and set it up with a Pi 3 and use a 8bitdo bluetooth controller. Any thoughts on if this would fit and some feedback. The Arcade stand is like $12.00 so it’s cheap. I also have a Picade hat laying around and I can add one speaker to the setup.

Arcade stand

From what I saw The Nintendo switch is 9.41 in × 4.02 in × 0.55 in.

The 8 inch screen is 141mm x 182mm x 6mm or 7.16 in x 5.55 in x 0.23 in

More pics


That’s a great idea. If you pair it with some cheap controllers it would be a fun little thing.

Personally, I am planning on using it as a small monitor on my PC after I get a 12.1in screen installed. I have a USB video adapter sitting around and it seems like a great size to park email and idle chat windows. Even so, I might pick up that case so I have a place to put it. I had been thinking of using a picture frame.