Picade 10inch Screen

Hi, I’m very new to the raspberry pi world. So I need loads of help in so many different subjects. My main problem at the moment is that I have bought my son the 10inch version of the picade for Christmas but we are struggling to put the screen together. Has anybody got a step by step instructions or a diagram I can use to help me get this sorted??

I found this on the Picade ad page.

Hope this helps.

Thanks so much but we have been following this one its for the 8inch screen not the 10inch we have.

I was afraid of that. I don’t have a Picade but I see a lot of traffic here about it. Maybe search the forum for others who have had this issue and DM them. Pim needs a new video.

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Have a look see at this,

It’s linked too from here,


Thank you so much. That’s perfect…

Ah, good stuff, your welcome. =)

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Thanks. This sheet was not included in my 10" picade box. I’ve wasted over an hour trying to figure out how it fit together. Finally I realized the kit contained a colorful 8 inch bezel that doesn’t even get used. I wondered why it covered part of the screen. There are duplicate 8" and 10"assembly parts marked the same, which is really confusing.

There are two slightly different shaped Display board brackets. I don’t know which one to use they are both marked Top 2

I don’t own a picade or the 10 inch screen. Best advice I can give is use the one that works?