Picade contruction

Building the Picade. With 10 inch screen. Having trouble with the video cable. I was not sure how

tried to fit the cable and a small bit of plastic shot off the board. Is the clip broken?

I am not sure if the cable is in the right place. Do you have any pictures.of how to fit very unclear from the video

Stugging a bit with the 10 inch screen I assuming from the instructions the top tab in not connected to the screen. Having a bit of an issue lining it up. Can you help with these issues. I have pictures if that helps

Maybe this will help

Its linked too from here

I seem to remember a similar post a while back? I don’t think the clip is broken, its just that the locking bar is different on some of the newer displays. Underneath instead of on top or something?

Found it


I have pushed the black plastic part back in. Do you think the cable is in far enough to work?

Still not sure how it retains lol

If I needed a replacement board how much would it cost?

Thanks for your help. I am a complete novice

Sorry updated picture

I’ve only ever used the ones on the Pi for the display and camera. The cable bottoms out and only goes in so far with the locking bar open. I just look to make sure it straight and level before locking it in. They don’t go in all that far. If it doesn’t work have another try.
Just take your time and be careful. The ones on the Pi can break if your too ham fisted with them. I haven’t broken one yet, knock on wood.

As I said the locking bar shot off:(. I put it back it seemed to lock back into place

But still unsure how to open it

If I needed a replacement can I buy them? From your store.? Is there anyway to test the screen before I install it? In the box

Ops, I missed the broken off part. You can contact them by e-mail as follows.

And see if they will send you a replacement. Put a link to this thread in that e-mail.

ok thankyou. it did seem to click back into place but not sure how they are retained. will contact the shop

many thanks for your help

do you have a gif of opening the clip? it may help in the future

Only what I found above. I don’t work for or have any ties to Pimoroni, just so you know.
Just a forum member that likes to help out when I can.
The ones on the Pi I open very gently with my fingernails. One finger on each end.

thanks for all your help. I tested the screen with another PI and it worked. So I think I fixed mot sure how lol.

If the bar just came off without getting broken in the process, in theory it should just snap back in place and be fine. Looks like you lucked out and its good. :)