10 inch upgrade problem



I recently got the new 10” screen to upgrade my Picade, but I’m having problems getting it working. It’s installed and fully connected but when I boot the Picade it powers up but I just get a blank screen. I’ve reset the ribbon cable, checked the hdmi connections, and tried using a separate power source for the display, but I still get the same blank screen.

I reconnected the old screen to check the pi was still booting ok and it worked first time, so it’s definitely a problem with the new screen. Anyone got any suggestions or is it possible the screen is faulty?

Many thanks,



Have you added this line:


to /boot/config.txt?


I already had that set up in the config file. The pie works fine with three other hdmi displays I’ve connected it to, it’s just the new monitor that is blank.


Only other thing I can think of whether you’ve got the ribbon cable in the right way round. Blue side faces towards you (i.e. towards the back of the cab), not away. That’s different to most ribbon cables I’ve used.


Thanks for the reply. I’ve got the ribbon blue side towards me so that should be ok, starting to think after testing it ok on so many other screens that the problem must be with the screen, the board or a faulty ribbon cable.


I have this same problem. Did you ever find a fix? Or is it a faulty screen?


Looks like it was a faulty screen or board, I got a replacement sent out and it worked as soon as I connected it up.