Cannot get 10 inch display to work

brand new to this type of stuff, thought I would make a hobby learning how to build up some retro game consoles so figured id start with what I thought would be a simple introduction to the hobby by getting the 10 inch picade pimoroni sells.

Got my picade a few months back but just now really trying to get it working.

I have built the case, and powered up the device. If i connect my HDMI into the TV i get the retropi interface but when i connect it to the 10" screen it powers up but there is no display.

I have removed the # infront of the force hdmi part, and tried some other fixes that I came across but feel like now I need to ask for specific help.

I know the screen is getting power but is there a way I can confirm that it is receiving the hdmi signal?

i’ve popped the sd card in and out to mess with the config settings numerous times but i feel like i am mostly guessing at the changes i made. since then I reflashed the SD card made the one suggested change and still wont work.

anyway, if anyone has any suggestions or comments please lend me a hand


found something this fellah had said and messed wit hthe cables a bit and it kicked the screen on


Mar '19

Checked the flat flex cables are all completely seated and level?