10inch Black Screen

Hi All,

I’m very new to this so pardon the silly questions. Got my Picade 10inch assembled and ready to go and installed Retropie onto an SD card using Rasberry Pi Imager however i’m getting a black screen.

I have uncommented the hdmi_force_hotplug=1. Just checking by uncommenting does that mean removing the # and adding a space. I have attached screenshots of the config file.

Not sure also if it affects it but the SD card has been renamed to recovery.

I am getting power to the screen as it is coming on just nothing appears on screen.

Thanks in advance for the help

Hey @tomurry , you’re correct in that uncommenting means removing the # (you don’t need to put a space there, but it shouldn’t hurt.) I’ve just run into this problem as well - am doing some digging to see if anyone else has had the problem. I’ll report back if I find anything useful; hopefully the Pimoroni folks see this and can lend a hand.

I’m up and running now. I had the hdmi plugged into the wrong port it should of been plugged into the port furthest from the USB’s. I also gave the ribbon a wiggle and it wasn’t fully connected into the screen. I had already broke a ribbon and a screen driver board so was being overly careful with it second time round.