10 inch screen issues

Hi. I’m a complete novice with this but have put the 10 inch Picade together and can’t seem to get the screen to turn on.

I have amended the config file to power the screen but although it looks to be getting power, It doesn’t appear to be turning on.

I’ve attached a photo of my set up if that might help?

Any advice much appreciated. Thanksimage

Config.txt max_usb_current=1 ?
If your using a Pi 3 or 4 that doesn’t do anything and isn’t needed. The default is max anyway.
You could try hdmi_force_hotplug=1
Or plugging the screen into a PC as a test.

Thanks. I’m using a pi 3B.

Unfortunately no luck with the change to the config although I couldn’t see the max usb line but that shouldn’t make a difference from what you’ve told me.

I’ve tried alternative HDMI cables and have tried reconnecting the ribbon cables but no joy unfortunately.

The board is getting power as the light is on but maybe there’s not enough power for the screen?

If you have a spare Pi power supply you could power the screen with that as a test.
Also have a look at this and see if it helps?

Thanks. I did use those instructions when constructing the screen which were helpful.

I do have a spare pi power supply and have attached this to the screen itself to power it separately but it is not turning on unfortunately. Again there is power to the board but no picture at all.

All I can think of is to double check that ribbon cable between the screen and display driver board.
EDIT: Ops looks like you already did that.

You can contact Pimoroni Tech support via the following link. I’d put a link to this support thread in that e-mail.

Thanks anyway.

Unfortunately I have just double checked the ribbon again and have managed to break the connector!

I’m hoping I can buy a replacement from Pimoroni and try again ☹️

The one on the screen itself?
If the locking bar has come out, but didn’t break, it can be put back in. There are a couple of threads here where that happened. If your careful and get it the right way round you may be able to fix it.

It’s the actual ribbon unfortunately so I think I will need to replace it.

Thanks anyway.image

That sucks. Sorry to hear it broke. Just a heads up FYI post. Be careful with electronics and carpets. Static electric discharge is deadly to electronics. If you have to walk over a carpet, touch something metal that is grounded to discharge any static build up, before touching anything electronic like a Pi etc. ;)

Thanks for the heads up. Yeah I was working on a table luckily but had to move it to take the picture.

It’d be just my luck to have that happen as well!

I feel your pain ,I’m the king of breaking Pi gear

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Did you see anything on the screen at all? A “HDMI” in the top left, or “No signal” in the middle? Also, did you try to power the screen off and on using the Power button on the 5-button control strip?

Hi. Thanks for the tips.

Yes, I did check and there was no message displayed (“no signal” etc) at all, so it didn’t appear like the screen had turned on.

I tried turning on the screen via the control strip as well and that did appear to turn the board on and off (the light on the board turned on and off ok).

Unfortunately, I am a complete novice so it may have been something I’ve missed.

I will need to get a replacement ribbon from somewhere before I can try again anyway. Not sure where to get one from? I have contacted Pimoroni themselves but they haven’t got back to me as of yet.

I’ve managed to get a replacement display cable and have managed to get the screen to turn on (yay!) but it is just a black screen.

Not sure what the issue is. I’ve connected the pi to another screen and it works fine.

Not sure if I need to change something else in the config file?

Any advice appreciated.

I made the following changes to boot/config.txt on my system:

Uncommented the hdmi_group line and changed it to hdmi_group=2. This sets the HDMI output for screens rather than TVs.

Uncommented the hdmi_mode line and changed it to hdmi_mode=16. This sets the resolution to 1024x768 @ 60Hz.

Uncommented the hdmi_drive line and left it set to 2, which is HDMI mode rather than DVI.


I’ll give it a go tomorrow and let you know how I get on.

The Pi 4B seems to be very finicky about detecting a monitor. Especially if you power them both up at the same time. Powering the monitor up first usually sorts it out, but that’s not an ideal solution in a lot of cases.

Thanks but unfortunately no joy with the config changes.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong but there’s obviously something I’m missing.

It works fine when connecting to a separate screen just won’t do anything with the Picade screen itself.