30 Pin Header on 10" LCD Installation

Hi there.

I’m trying to set up my 10" LCD display. The ribbon cable that connects from the board to the screen comes disconnected. I’m having some trouble figuring out how to connect the cable to the actual screen. The port on the screen has these small black tabs on it like a miniature version of the ones on the board but they wont budge when I try and pull them out. I checked all of the videos and posts I could find but everything seems to reference the Picade, which comes with the ribbon cable pre-attached. Could someone provide some guidance please? I don’t want to break anything. Thank you!

Update: Yeah one of the tabs broke off.


If its this screen

It is one of the ones used in the Picade and an upgarde to the 8 inch screen that came in the original picade.

There will be a locking bar that either slides out or lifts up. You open that, insert the cable and then close the locking bar.

EDIT: The picade build video unfortunately is with the original 8 inch screen that had the cable permanently attached to it. The new screens have a ribbon cable connector thats not shown in the video. =(

Thanks for replying alphanumeric.

Yes, that’s the one. The tabs are super tiny though and when I try and slide them out they don’t seem to want to budge. Maybe I’ll just go for it and hope for the best. I mean, I’m sure that’s how it’s designed. The plastic locking bar is just so small and really stuck in there.

One of the tabs broke off. Anyone from Pimoroni able to weigh in here?

The brown tab dosn’t lift up it slides straight out,an the cable slides in under it

The brown tab doesn’t slide at all, that’s the metal housing for the ribbon cable. It’s soldered down. You can see where its soldered on the pads to either side. There is a black plastic bar which SHOULD slide out, but it’s not budging and one of the tabs on the corner broke off. I was hoping there might be some trick to sliding the black plastic bar out that I was missing. The thing is too tight in there. The tabs break off before you can apply enough force to move the plastic bar away from the pins to get the ribbon cable underneath.

Oops ,I thought that black was brown. Guess I need new glasses

Please don’t stick a knife, screwdriver or anything else into the slot on the screen. It’s just a push fit connector, one end of the ribbon cable has a metal connector that fits into it. It’ll only go in one way.

The socket on the driver board is the one with the plastic locking mechanism, OP please post back if you’re having trouble with that end.

Well boy don’t I feel dumb. Thank you Matt and hel. You’re lifesavers. Or at leave $130 savers. Hopefully anyone else who is confused can find this topic in the future.

Thanks for saving my screen!