Picade 10' Screen Connection Issues

Hi all,

So this is my issue. I’ve managed to break off the end of this fragile little guy. I was wondering if I have to get a new part from Pimoroni or can I find this easily off ebay etc? Just need to know what it’s called if buying from a 3rd party is possible.

My other issue is doing the connection itself. I’m not clear on where and how the cable plugs into the display connection. I really need someone to explain like I’m 5 about this.

I have no issue doing the connection to the display adaptater, it’s just the port on the screen that confuses me.

Thanks in advance,

  • Aaron

hello, not sure what part the ribbon cable came off of ,but you will [likely] need to replace that part…contact Pimoroni customer support email , with a link to this post , good luck [support@pimoroni.com] (mailto:support@pimoroni.com)

Oh noes! Support should be able to help with a new cable.

Here’s a GIF of how the screen end of the cable plugs in, the gold part of the cable should just push into the gold part of the connector on the screen (from the bottom).

Thanks so much for the gif!

I’ll email support about ordering a new ribbon.