10” Screen Upgrade Edition - Cannot Connect Ribbon Cable

How in the name of god is this meant to be connected? This might be the cheapest crappiest ribbon cable connector i’ve ever seen!!!

I’ve literally spent an hour trying to connect it, i’m about 5 minutes away from binning it or sending it back, depends if i throw it at the wall first… 🤬

the black connection piece in you hand seems to have broken off ,I have broken off many of them ,(shaky hands ) so my fix is put it back in place put the cable in and i then put a dab of hot glue on each side of the clip … :)

it was never connected when i got it, i also cant see how that would be connected? does anyone have a diagram of it actually working, or how to install it, the picade instructions are crap?

its easy to just put it back in place similar to picture ,slid back in and put the cable in ,and even a bit of scotch tape ,or any tape ,just to hold it in place

Ahoy Craig!

The black clip should definitely have been attached to the driver board when you received it so that’s likely why you’re having problems, drop an email to support@pimoroni.com and they’ll sort you out with a replacement.

A couple of videos are attached of how this cable attaches at both ends - you need to flip the black clip upwards to open up the connector to be able to push the cable in, then flip it back down to lock it place.