How to connect ribbon cable to 10" display

I have the 10" HDMI screen (PIM431), but no instructions. How does the ribbon cable connect to the display itself? The two gold metal connectors…

It looks like the Learn Section is down at the moment, I get server error. I “think” there are instructions there. Anyway, it should be this screen.
HDMI 10" LCD Screen Kit (1024x768) – Pimoroni

On the driver card there will be a locking bar, similar to what’s on the Pi’s DSI CSI connectors. It may lift up not out though. Just be careful with it until you figure out how it opens. Gold side down, blue up on the cable. Same deal on the monitor itself.

Sorry about the learn server being down - we’re working on it, but the gremlins are proving rather persistent 😬

The gold connector on the cable pushes vertically into the one on the screen - here’s a GIF!

My connector doesn’t look exactly like the one in the gif - I’m guessing it needs to pop open somehow? I’ve tried moving it various ways gently, but it doesn’t seem to budge…

The metal end of the cable just pushes into the connector sideways, nothing on the screen end should open.

Your screen is the other way up from the gif, but I think the connector is the same?

Oh duh, I was thinking of the 7" where it comes in from the top. Got it, thanks!

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