LVDS Connector Upside Down for 10" Picade?

I’m admittedly a newbie, but is it possible that my LVDS connector is upside down on my display board? I’ve compared it to other pictures on the web, and it doesn’t look the same. The black connector piece is on the bottom side, which means that the ribbon is too short, and I would have to twist it 180 degrees to input the ribbon blue side up on the board and connect the other side into the display. I tried to connect the ribbon to the top side, but that didn’t seem to make sense. Of course, while trying to figure out how this works, even after trying to be gentle, the bottom black piece snapped off. I purchased this kit from Amazon. I’ve attached a few pictures. Any ideas? Otherwise, is it possible to buy a replacement board? Thanks!

I’m thinking your right, and its upside down. According to the product page picture anyway. The pick and place machine goofed.

If you follow this link, you can e-mail Pimoroni directly and get a replacement. Put a link to this thread in that e-mail, or include that picture in your e-mail.

I’m not sure but it looks like the locking bar (dark part) is missing altogether.

I originally thought it might be “under it”, looking again maybe it is missing, what I’m seeing on the sides is the part it would clip onto, if it were there.
If its MIA he or she needs a new board anyway. I’d be checking all the packing material before I toss the box it came in though. If it just fell off, you might get lucky and be able to reattach it.
Nice spot @Crowbot

I also broke that part on the 10 "screen and the screen connection too … It is a very weak connection and nowhere Pimoroni graphically explains how to connect it … I have already commented on it in another post. In the end i bought an 8 "screen on Amazon, which is cheaper than in the Pimoroni store.

I learned early on to be very careful with those ribbon cable connectors. Especially the ones on the PI Zero’s. So far so good and I haven’t broken one, knock on wood.

If there won’t be any pulling or moving involved then a piece or two of scotch tape on the non-contact side will thicken the cable and can hold it in well enough. I did this with a broken connector on one of my Pi Zeros. The locking tab just presses it down against the base.

The one in the box was upside down and the little black plastic lever was broken off the mechanism when I got it. The replacement was the same way up as the instructions.

Thanks! I was hoping it wasn’t just me. It must have been a QA glitch.

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Hey i have similar problem, got Picade 10" for kids and connector is same as yours.
So just put ticket on site?

@dukee Erk! Just spotted that your post got flagged for approval for some reason?! Hopefully you got the issue sorted? If not, then pop an email to and we’ll get it sorted.

Newer versions of the 10" screen driver board use a slightly different connector part - the bar that locks the cable into place is the bottom of the connector rather than on the top. The ribbon cable goes into the top of the connector on both versions.

There’s some gifs of how the cable should connect at both ends attached :)

Does it give the locking bar any more stability when it’s on the bottom?