Picade screen problems

Hi all, built the picade, connected the PI and the screen is blue, tried everything to remedy. No joy. Any suggestions?

Wait a minute! Just read this - 'After installing RetroPie on an SD card, and before booting it up, make sure you edit your /boot/config.txt and add or uncomment ( remove the # before ) hdmi_force_hotplug=1.

Since the display is powered from the Pi it wont be properly detected at startup, so this is required to make it work’

I’ll give it a go tomorrow !


Hey Nat, I suspect that will be your issue :-) Let us know how you get on!

I moved this into the Picade category. I had exactly the same issue but had come across it before so eventually remembred the solution. I know its in the instructions (or at least it is now) but I’m sure we won’t be the only ones!

Might be worth us setting this by default on RetroPie - those that don’t need it can disable it, but it’s easier to do that if you have a display working.

Hi All

Yes, i read the last bit before i started the build but in my eagerness forgot to apply it. I can confirm that was the issue! The Kids have loved the Picade today. I now however have another slight problem, when playing some games the screen goes off, the sound is still there and you can still control the player? could this be a power issue? My power supply is not an official PI one sold on here… I have done lots with the pi previously and never had this issue. It also seems to do this when lots is going on, on the screen…

Can i nip down to Pimoroni in Sheffield and pick a power supply up!



I had the same problem with the blue screen but it worked the evening before, so I thought something went to
hell. There was always a red light on the screen controller…
Well, it turned out that closing the backdoor with all the cables and a loose hanging pi2 inside of it, was
pressing the hdmi connector from the screen board permanently in some direction…
Don’t underestimate a stiff hdmi cable! ;)

Where can I change this setting?

The config.txt file that shows up on windows is basically a straight line of text.

Thanks in advance for any help you can spare!

Don’t use notepad - get an editor like notepad++ - https://notepad-plus-plus.org/

Using it, thanks! :)

I have similar problem with my Picade with my NUC D34010WYK with UBUNTU and RetroPie installed. The screen is powered from the NUC which I have set up in BIOS to power on after power failure. When I power NUC on, the screen turns blue but it is not detected in time and powers off. When I power screen from a different source everything works fine.
NUC does not have /boot/config.txt which I could edit with hdmi_force_hotplug=1. If anybody has an idea I would be grateful.

Well I seem to have solved my problem by changing my power supply to NUC. Now the screen is detected although it is powered by the NUC. I used power supply that originally came with my NUC DN2820FYKH.