Picade help

Hi guys,
I just finished my Picade whit raspberry pi 3 and I have so much questions. First when I plug in the picade the display is blue. I tried everything that I found in the forum but maybe I doing it wrong. I plugged the screen in separate power and it worked. My next problem is the buttons. The main buttons work great but the side buttons for the volume start and select not.
This is my first time doing something whit raspberry pi, so if someone can explain to me step by step that would be great.

Hi @Dimfil,

I’ve just built mine too - with a RPi3, same as you. I’ve not run into the blue screen issue but did you see in the instructions the tip about putting hdmi_force_hotplug=1 in config.txt - I wonder if that will help?

With those little side buttons, I think you need to press Menu first, then you get a little OSD like you would with a normal monitor. But i suspect if the screen isn’t working properly then those buttons won’t. They work ok for me, though the volume has no effect. I’m stuck seemingly stuck at 100%. I’d be curious to know if your volume is adjustable (whether through that menu when you get it working, or through RetroPie’s audio settings?