Picade display issue. No video/bad display

I just finished building a Pimoroni Picade Cabinet Kit - 10" Display (PIM469) unfortunately it looks like the screen or HDMI driver board is defective.

I’m pretty sure the assembly is correct (picture attached) to make sure I haven’t done anything stupid in the connection.

some facts:

  • Running off an 18w USB-C power supply from iPhone 11Pro. I have also tried running the screen alone from a 2.1w USB power supply.
  • Screen backlight turns on once the raspberry pi boot up. Power light on the driver board comes on too.
  • Screen backlight turns off after about 10 secs. Power can be turned on again with the control board tactile switched but again, turns off after 10 secs.
  • Screen Menu and L/R buttons on the control board do nothing.
  • I have tried booting the raspberry pi connecting to a different HDMI monitor and the raspberry Pi and retroPi image is OK.

Please could you advise what I could try?


Try editing the config.txt file and add this line to the end of it

Hi, I tried adding that to /boot/config.txt but no joy.

Should the ‘menu’ button on the little control panel bring up some sort of OSD even without the raspberry pi connected?


On my system the menu button on the control panel only works when there’s an image on screen. When there’s no image I can turn the screen off & on via the panel, and when it’s on, pressing the Exit button brings up a DVI / HDMI menu.

Have you tried connecting anything else to the HDMI socket on the control board?

Hi thanks for the replies. No doesn’t work either I’m afraid.


Just so you know, I don’t own a Picade, or that display. Not yet anyway, its on my wish list though.
Anyway, if you go here
You can e-mail Pimoroni tech support directly with your issue. I’d put a link to this thread in that e-mail. Then see what they have to say.

thanks alphanumeric. I’ll do just that. P