8" Picade screen not working at all (black screen)



I’ve also opened a support ticket on this, but maybe someone here knows a solution.
I’ve finished my Picade build yesterday evening and I have a screen problem.
The screen does not light up at all (stays black), only the led on the controll panel lights up in red.
So far I’ve tried, without success:

  • reseating the flex cable several times (really seems to be seated correctely)
  • I’ve uncommented “hdmi_force_hotplug=1”
  • I`ve powered the screen seperately (not from the pi3)
  • I’ve connected a diffferent hdmi source (Nintendo classic mini :-) )
    The screen stays black…

Anything else I could try/check?



… here is how my control board looks like …


Hi Pimoroni,

could you please contact me on this? I’ve bought the Picade directly from you.