Picade display not working - possible hardware issue

Hi all, first post today and unfortunately it’s a negative one! It sounds like a similar issue to a couple of other past posts, but no solutions in them have helped sadly.

My new Picade kit arrived yesterday and I’ve enjoyed fixing everything together today.

However, after plugging in my Raspberry Pi (version 3 brand new as of a few days ago) a lot of lights come on, but no display which remains black. I have an orange light on the side of the cabinet from the display extension which indicates power is getting through, and a white light underneath from the main circuit board.

The Raspberry pi device works fine when connected to an external HDMI monitor and I can ssh into it over the wireless network when it’s hooked up to the Picade inards.

I’ve uncommented the hdmi_force_hotplug=1 line in /boot/config.txt and I’m using an official pi power supply which came with an official kit. I’m not sure what else to try!

I’ve also tried connecting a laptop to the screen via an HDMI cable but nothing there either - the raspberry pi was still connected over USB at the time so it should have been getting power.

Any suggestions or do I need to think about returning some pieces for potential replacement?


please send an email to support@pimoroni.com - they may ask you to troubleshoot this further before exchange of parts.

Will do that now, thanks!