Picade 10" Pi4 No signal

So I recently picked up a 10" Picade however, I have been having problems with the display. I uncommented the “hdmi_force_hotplug=1” line in the /boot/config.txt file and I still get “No Signal”.

For a few hours yesterday it was working (with constant screen flickering) not sure what made it work just started working.

However, today I moved the USB plug to a different port so I could plug my keyboard in and now I get “No signal” I tried all USB ports and restarting and none of them are working. I tried several different Raspberry Pi power supplies and that doesn’t do anything either. I restarted dozens of times on different ports and nothing.

I moved the SD card to another Rpi 4 and it boots up on that just fine.

Currently on: Retropie 4.7.1 (Linux 5.4.79-v7l+ armv7l GNU/Linux)

From my research it seems like uncommenting the hotplug is the only offered solution…is there anything else I can try? Is there a way to determine if its the hardware?

Have you tried reseating the screen cable at both ends? Or possibly hooking it to an external screen via the HDMI port?

So I reseated all the cables. Using the cables that come with the Picade I hooked up the internal display to an external Pi and it works fine. I then used the same cables on the internal Pi to an external monitor which works as well. However, when I restored the original configuration it wouldn’t work.

So I had an extra cable that was HDMI to micro HDMI (doesn’t use adapter like the cables supplied) and tried that…now everything is working so far. Even though the supplied cables worked in my tests they just won’t work for regular use in the Picade giving me the dreaded “no signal” error.

So in the end it appears to be a cable issue. I think I may have a working solution I’m going to give it a few days and see how it goes.