Picade RPi4 4GB 10" screen - no signal

Dear all,

On a brand new build of the picade I’m having the no HDMI signal error (based on the forums seems to occur frequently) I have performed various troubleshooting steps yet the issue persists.

  • set the force hotplug setting in config file
  • set HDMI group to 2 and mode to 16
  • connected pi to TV - raspbian boots and desktop displayed
  • powered monitor via external power supply
  • connected picade monitor to external HDMI source - YouTube displayed fine hence the ribbons and signal boards are fine.

Anyone have any idea what might be causing the issue (note I’m using a 60w 3rd party power brick to power the USB-C hat - this should be enough for the pi and screen each having its own power lead)

Any help would be appreciated as I will have to return it otherwise

Incase anyone else is facing the same issue it seems the standoffs included in the kit are not compatible with the pi4. On removing the standoffs I was able to push the hat even more down and boom screen worked.