"No Signal" 7 days

Someone, please give me a hints.
I feel little tired…
My PICADE screen shows “No Signal” on top left, and black out after few second.

I tried a lot of solution ideas from the internet, Through this week.
hdmi_force_hotplug=1? Ofcourse.
hdmi_safe=1? Ofcourse.
config_hdmi_boost? Yes, I tried to set that to 11. (Ofcourse it was in vain)
Connet to TV’s HDMI? Yes, I can see Retro Pi logo on my TV.
And I finished all required settings with TV.
Game sound is from small speaker on PICADE cabinet.
But still PICADE monitor screen shows simply black.
(From this, my HDMI cable, Raspberry Pi 3B+, PICADE X Board, Retro-Pi on micro SD are fine)
So, I’m connecting HDMI to my 60 inch TV.
60 inch TV!
Where is my tiny arcade days…

Some one, Please give me more hint about this situation.
Should I get one more screen?
or, Is there a solution I have not tried it yet…?

I want to cpmplete my PICADE. Simply…


It sounds like there may be a fault with your screen driver board- sorry about that!

You should drop an email to support@pimoroni.com with your order number and request a replacement. It’s also possible they might know some debugging steps that I don’t.

Thankyou… I’ll try that.

I had that last night.

I had my pi already in use connected to my TV before I hooked it up to the console, so I knew it worked.

Then I got the “No signal” issue once I hooked it up to the picade console for the first time.

The screen was powering on but the pi when connected wasn’t booting up. Hence “No signal”.

I disconnected the mini USB that runs from the pi to the display driver board. Meaning the screen needed it’s own power source.

I plugged in another USB power supply to the display driver board.

So now the Pi and the driver board had two separate power supplies.

It booted up.

After that I installed the hat driver software from the web site. It makes the software changes, no messing with config files manually.


Powered down, reseated the mini usb and went back to one power cable on the pi. It works now.

I’m having the same problem with my 2018 picade with the 8" screen and running out of combinations of things to try. The screen gets powered on by the USB connection but then the initial boot screen never appears.

  • RetroPie 4.4, Model 3 B+, 5v + 3A power supply

  • hdmi_force_hotplug=1 - tried this first as per instructions and no success

  • hdmi_safe=1 - tried and no change

  • hdmi_group=2 and hdmi_mode=16 - i saw someone had luck with this on another forum, sadly didn’t have the same luck

  • config_hdmi_boost=4, no luck forcing the signal either.

  • Tried reflashing retropie

  • Ran the hat setup script both plugged in using the tv and powering the screen separately, no difference

  • Plugged the PI into the TV and worked okay.

  • Plugged another device (snes mini) into the hdmi screen powered standalone and worked okay.

  • Powered the PI and Screen using separate adapters and all working okay.

  • Same as above and then switched the screen over to USB power from the Pi and worked okay (without shutting down the Pi).

  • Tried two different 3B+ boards and a 3B board and all had the same problem.

  • Reduced the volume on the speaker to reduce consumption and no difference

  • Used a MicroUsb splitter across the screen and Pi and that worked okay (and is my temporary fix for now).

Anyone got any other suggestions? I’m suspecting it’s a software issue rather than a hardware issue but I might be wrong. It appears that despite forcing video through the HDMI, it’s still reverting back to composite.

Could you paste the contents of your /boot/config.txt, please?