Initial setup problems

I setup my Picade today and really enjoyed the process. Found the written instructions on the website to be very good - thank you.

However, I’m now having problems with the initial setup on a Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB.

My MicroHDMI cable was plugged into the MicroHDMI port furthest from the USB A connectors as suggested in the instructions. On first boot, I was getting a ‘No Signal’ error on the screen before and after uncommenting the hdmi_force_hotplug=1 line from /boot/config.txt.

The only thing that fired up the screen was to switch the MicroHDMI cable to the other MicroHDMI port. The system booted and I could see the Retropie logo. I was able to go through the various setup routines, enabled wifi etc. Everything was fine until I installed the Picade HAT software using curl | bash. After the next reboot, although I could see the initial boot sequence, when Emulation Station started, it failed to show on screen. All I could do was hit F4 once it was loaded and I was dropped out to a Raspberry Pi command prompt (which I could see on screen).

There’s another thread here the describes a very similar situation and fixed it by switching to the other MicroHDMI port (the one I started in). I’ve done that and I am no longer getting a ‘No signal’ error on the screen. The Raspberry Pi is booting and loading Emulation Station but I can’t see anything on screen (the screen is backlit but not displaying anything). Eventually when it’s fully booted, I can drop to a command prompt by pressing F4 and reboot or shutdown from there even though I can’t see the anything on the screen.

I hope that’s clear and would be grateful for any assistance to get properly up and running.


Sorry to reply to my own message.

I’ve been trying lots of different things and I can get the screen to display what’s happening by switching it to a lower resolution. If I uncomment, hdmi_group=1 and hdmi_mode=1 in /boot/config.txt, the system will start up in a 640x480 mode and display everything. The picture has a lots of ‘fizz’ and looks like an old analogue signal but it is working.

Recommenting those lines and going back to a 1024x768 display, shows nothing on screen.