10" with RetroPie 4.6 screen starts, emustation does not

Hey all!

I’ve just finished building my Picade and I’m starting off with RetroPie 4.6

I edited the /boot/config.txt file to set force_hdmi_hotplug=1

After starting for the first time, I can see text in the boot console, but it seems as if emustation doesn’t start.

I jumpes to the console [alt+f4] and ran the installer:

curl https://get.pimoroni.com/picadehat | bash

Let that install complete and rebooted.

I can see the text boot log, but then the screen blanks and stays lit
If I alt+f4 it switches back to a prompt but re-running emustation leaves a blank screen again

Not found any pointers yet, but was hoping I might find some ideas here

Do you see the RetroPie logo on screen after the text disappears?

I saw a colour-gradient square when the pi turned on, but never saw any graphics at all (no boot splash screen, and no emulationstation graphics/ui), only the plain text console.

I also did not see the 4 raspberry graphics at the top of the console

Little bit more playing about and it seems to be working now:

I have the display plugged into hdmi port 0 (next to the USB-c port on the pi) and the upper USB 2 port for power

I’ve also used these settings in /boot/config.txt:

# Need this to actually turn the display on
# Need these to force display to 1024x768 (otherwise 640x480)

Display status looks good now too:

# tvservice -s
state 0xa [HDMI CUSTOM RGB full 4:3], 1024x768 @ 60.00Hz, progressive

Thanks so much for this. It fixed the exact issue I was trying to solve over here:

I’m on the 8" screen though. Thanks immensely for this piece of code - I was pulling my hair our all weekend.