Picade X HAT USB-C with Picade 10" inverted screen on RetroPie

Hello folks,

after upgrading my Picade 8" to Picade 10" with the Picade X HAT USB-C and a Raspberry Pi4 I’m unable to use EmulationStation/Retropie, the screen is flipped upon booting and adding command like “display_hdmi_rotate=0x20000” solves the issue but works only under the legacy non-GL driver, which prevents Emulationstation from starting, whereas if I enable “dtoverlay=vc4-fkms-v3d”, Emulationstation does then start but the screen won’t flip.

I’m at a loss here, tried multiple combinations and it seems that there is no straightforward way to flip the screen using “display_hdmi_rotate” under these GL drivers, I read somewhere that a batch of these Picade X HAT were impacted with this screen inverted issue (*which I didn’t had before with the Picade 8" set).

Was able to replicate this with both RPi 3b+ and RPi4.

Any suggestions, tips, workarounds, highly welcomed!