PiCade problems

I am getting seriously annoyed with this 10” PiCade and am starting to regret buying it.

First off the instructions are rubbish and the video tutorial doesn’t help in the slightest, Why is it focusing on the builder and not showing close ups of what is going on during the build?

I am experiencing the power problems mentioned in another thread which has only been answered by the OP, I use a multi plug with USB output rated at 4.2 amps and have tried 5 different leads to see if that was the problem, have tried to append my config txt file uncommenting (which I assume means deleting the hashtag) hdmi_force_hotplug=1 and still have to power the screen separately.

After updating Retropie in the program and from the command prompt (using sudo apt-get update and the distribution one) it still requires login details upon restart.

My screen is fuzzy and pixelated and when I email you you just automatically sent out a replacement screen without even asking if I’ve tried it with any other source (my PS classic works fine with it)

The front panel is cracked and warped on one side too.

Overall a very frustrating experience so far

I have quickly received a replacement screen, props for that however this screen is upside down and mirrored.

Do the people at Pimoroni monitor these forums or am I wasting my time here?

Worth pinging someone like @sandyjmacdonald or @gadgetoid for a specific staff response. Also we’re more active on the Pimoroni Discord server https://discord.gg/yRGbPV7

Adding this line to my config.txt fixed my inverted upside/down image on my 10" screen

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Had the inverted issue with my new 10 inch screen. Thanks for posting the fix!

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